6 Decorating Ideas For Your Kids’ Room

6 Decorating Ideas For Your Kids’ Room.png

Decorating a room is a fun thing to do, especially if you intend to do it in your child’s room.  You can go wild with your ideas by mixing some methods such as using stencils, glitters, stickers, sparkles, or anything else that you want to use in decorating it.  It will be a great time to do, as you can take your children in the process.  So, they’ll know how their room are transformed into their personal dream land.

room kids.png

Here are some of the ideas that you can use to redecorate the room:

  1. The furniture – Build a doll house or a castle from a bookcase. You can make some cutouts for the door and windows and put some of your kids’ favorite colors.  You may have to keep the cutout parts, so you can put them back again when your children have grown up.
  2. Wall canvas – If you are one of those parents who love doing creative stuff, you may want to use the wall as a big canvas. Pour all your creativity on the wall by utilizing some paint, stickers, stencils, or anything that you want to use to change the flat look of the walls.  Don’t forget to pick a bright color for the base layer and some more colors for the accents.
  3. The ceiling – Rather than having a dull color on the ceiling, you can turn it into a a starry night sky. Your children would love it.  Who wouldn’t want to lie on their bed and looking at the night stars?
  4. The door – Add some personal touch on the door by placing some letters on it. You can spell your son or daughter’s name in different colors.  A character door knob or a closet handle can be a great addition. In this way, you can bring the theme out of the room that match your kids’ style.
  5. Shelves – Buy some shelving materials is the cheapest solution to make everything in the room more organized. You can paint it with “happy” colors and add some pictures by using the stencils and stickers to make it more interesting to look.  This door shelves can also become an alternative for the window borders and it will save you some money from the maintenance and treatments.
  6. Accessories – Do you know that a big cork board can turn a flat wall and make it look full and “busy”?  It also has a function to cover holes from the old nails too.  Paint the picture frames can add up the interior value.  How about a fan?  You can reverse it and paint it to give some decorations for the ceiling.

Well, you see that there are so many ideas that you work with to create a beautiful room for your kids.  Nevertheless, try to make a room that can make them comfortable while they’re in it.  If you can do it, you must not be surprised if they don’t want to leave their room.  So, happy decorating!


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